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The Essence

Imagine if you could distill yourself to a point where the only remaining thing is the original awareness that quietly holds the tapestry of your entire life together. Imagine if all the layers of your personality, experiences and memories that identify who you are were to vanish in this moment. What would remain? Who would you be if there was no external reference point to hold the self image together? 

The true essence of each of us is the most valuable thing we can ever become aware of. It is the pregnant yet empty potentiality that allows all the forms of life to weave into physicality through the multiverse of frequencies in play. Time and space being the greatest teachers in coming home to our essence, it is available for anyone in any situation to experience. It is not limited to race, country or level of education, nor it has anything to do with spirituality or being a good person. It is simply about becoming aware of being aware. When we slow down enough to become completely present with each given moment we can discover our exact place within the quantum field of time and space and allow our purest potential to come online. Being present with what is, allows us to experience complete health and wealth in all aspects of our lives. This can happen spontaneously or as a result of a deep practice, yet in the end we are all asked to surrender into the mystery of the unknown beyond what mind can comprehend.


Simple steps to True Essence empowerment

Awakening - Discovering your true nature, even for a glimpse of a time. This may happen unexpectedly through a moment that leaves you speechless, takes your breath away or brings you into a sense of pure connection. The beauty of it is that all of us have already experienced it as it is the most natural part of our being. 

Cleansing - Tuning your instrument into the frequency of it. This includes becoming aware of different patterns we might run in our family, relationships, moments when we are alone and no one is watching. It is about radical honesty and transparency to ourselves. 

Manifesting - Learning how to sing and dance with the song of your essence. When false identities fall away take take suffering with them. We still experience life in its richness; pain, pleasure, sadness and joy yet now it is experienced from a centered and neutral space, not a victimhood. 


Nature lives in the present moment continuously and thus, is the most effective system on Earth. Human mind has a unique ability to travel to other times and spaces, such as the past and future. Mind is born to wonder, explore, discover and judge yet few are the ones who remember their way home. When we begin to identify with the mind and it’s stories it is easy to forget the underlying original purity. The bottomline is that everyone’s essence is brilliant.  However, some of us might have more filters to clean than others. It is never anybody’s fault nor there is no right or wrong way to live. There is simply a wide array of things to become aware of and see their original nature.  From this awareness, we can consciously rejoice. We may choose to drop a distorted pattern or perhaps generate more of that which strengthens our connection to our pure potentiality. Our faults and mistakes can become tools of empowerment and we can recognize all the relationships and experiences as an opportunity to see the true nature of all.


This is a space where we enter into taking our lives back into our own hands and take a full responsibility and leadership as creators of it. It is about deepest form of surrendering to the natural, unexpected epiphany of life. These individuals seem to be always in the right place in the right time, enjoying effortless flow and abundant resources AND they mysteriously radiate healthy and calm confidence even in the moments of challenges and despair. Welcome to this journey back home!

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"One moment at a time mind gets absorbed into the vast ocean of presence. This is where the linear and un-linear return to the same origin and realize their inevitable true nature. Relax into your life, one moment at a time."

Upcoming offerings

April-May: live stream online yoga - Supple & strong flow on Fridays 9.30-10.30am EST

july 16-18:True nature - Women's empowerment retreat in Finland

August 7-31: 200HR SpiritJourney Yoga Teacher Training in Peru

october 16-18: Embody & Envision - women's reconnection retreat in north carolina 

August-November: Women of earth- wilderness immersion weekend in north carolina -dates coming up soon! 

December 1-25: 200hr envision transformation yoga teacher training in costa rica